Our Spring Water

Natural Spring Water

Glen Rock Bottled Spring Water

Glen Rock Water Co., Inc. prides itself on bringing you the freshest water from a natural spring source deep below the earth’s surface. Our mountain spring water is naturally pure and free of chemicals and additives. It is NOT filtered and bottled tap water.

Our Spring Water Source

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The water source for Glen Rock Water Co., Inc. is Indian Trails Mountain Spring, located in north central Pennsylvania. Our mountain spring water does not see the “light of day” until it reaches the bottle, ensuring that you are receiving a quality product.

At Glen Rock Water Co., Inc., purity and quality matter.

Our mountain spring water is tested daily to ensure it not only meets but exceeds federal & state regulations, as well as meets the guidelines of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) www.bottledwater.org

The taste of our 100% percent natural spring water is purely refreshing, with a clean taste as natural and crisp as the mountain air. We encourage our customers to educate themselves about spring water by visiting www.youtube.com/user/bottledwatermatters or water 101 on our website.